Empowering healthcare professionals to maximize every second spent with a patient.

Nex Medical Solutions set out with a single goal, empower healthcare providers to maximize every second spent with a patient. Maximize their clinical effectiveness, their resource utilization, and their practice economics. In seeking to better understand the constraints and hurdles which the average practice encounters, several themes became glaringly apparent:​

Increased unrealistic demand on the physician, and staff, to provide better care in less time with each patient.

A demand for "Preventative Medicine", even though the resources and tools necessary to properly implement this approach have been taken away from the Primary Care Office. This forces the clinician to practice "Reactionary Medicine", treating the effect of the disease instead of the cause.

A business model solely dependent upon increasing the number of patients seen to increase practice revenue.

An uphill battle with both billing services and payers to receive payment for necessary testing done according to proper clinical justification

The inability to develop a full understanding of the patients current medical status without sending out for additional testing off-site. Resulting in delayed care and overall system inefficiencies.

It is in response to these negative trends that Nex Medical Solutions set forth developing their current assortment of products and services. This is accomplished by acting as a gateway for the clinical practice, through which they are able to transition from the old inefficient way of providing care to a new and innovative approach, with very little impact on the current operational flow of the practice. Achieving this enhanced business / clinical model is done by advancement in technological capabilities, offloading core practice inefficiencies, and freeing the staff to focus on what is most important; excellent medical care. By arming the clinician with more information and a better understanding of their patient, they are then able to develop the best course of care possible. This ideal end state results in improved outcomes, increased revenue, and overall savings to the healthcare system as a whole due to avoidance of costly downstream events.


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